Second Sunday Sprint


As for the November event it was pretty much a bust all around.  The less said, the better.

But October's SSS was a different story.   I worked two non-member QRPers.  Attention Wayne:  I think both merit  Wayne-o-gram membership solicitations.  They were my first two Sprint QSOs and both were worked on 20m. 

The first was KL2AX/5.  Please, everyone reading this, look him up on QRZ.  John's biographical entry is extraordinary!  He was running 4 Watts during our QSO and he apologized for his lousy fist, and indeed it was, but later I realized that he might have been sitting cross-legged in some Texas cow pasture. Y'all be careful; in a few weeks he might turn up in one of your backyards.

The second was KCØJKD, running 5 Watts from Stover, MO, and so in the 4SQRP heartland.


Charles (aka Chas), W2SH

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