Re: Wanted: Palm Mini/Pico Paddle

Tommy Gober

Sorry, I'll only sell mine for an unreasonable price. ;)

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If you don’t have your heart set on the Palm (and it’s too bad because one was just put up on the KX3 reflector earlier today and is already sold), for portable use I have found that the UniHam 730A available from Morse Express makes for a pretty nice portable ops key.  Morse Express sells it for 79, but you can usually find it for around $50 on Ebay.  It’s no Bencher or Begali, but it does the job, and in my unpracticed opinion, feels pretty good too.


Just a thought!


Jeremy, NQ0M


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Hi Group,


I'm looking for a black Palm Mini or Pico paddle to use with my FT-817 out portable. If you have one you'd like to sell for a reasonable price, let me know.


Cheers & 73,



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