Re: Pig Rig troubleshooting question

Charlie Vest

Since I am waiting to finish mine , until we get the other crystals all I can do is offer a couple of suggestions .
We have the local oscillator which would be common to both of the major problems that you describe .
Once I finish mine , I plan on making up a voltage troubleshooting sheet to go with the schematic and board layout .
I do that these days whether it is homebrew or on the rare occasion when I build a kit . I often build extras of my projects for friends all over the country , so in the event of problems , it makes it easier for them and for me to help them troubleshoot if a problem does arise .
I have been quite impressed with this particular kit in that there have been very few , if any questions being asked about it once it is completed .
There have been several questions about the transformers during construction , but I find that pretty normal , even just winding a single layer toroid on many kits .
Perhaps some one already has a voltage troubleshooting diagram or list already started or completely available for the pig rig .
Looking forward to getting mine completed and putting it in its Ten Tec pen .
Does anyone know if Diz sold out of them ? I am also looking forward to the next run to see if I want to build another kit . I have plenty of equipment already , but an 80 meter version to go with this 40 meter version to leave out at the farm , when I am working and staying out there would be nice .
For some reason I haven't been on 80 meters in a couple of years or more , so it would also motivate me to get back on and check into some nets . Nice place to use a NVIS antenna , since I have never given one of them a try .
Charlie , W5COV


OK, folks...I got mine all together, and it can hear (barely!) and transmits (also barely!). I can hear it transmit in my Kenwood receiver, and if I key my Kenwood, I can hear it in the PigRig. But, connected to an antenna, the PigRig hears no outside signals or band noise at all. Also in transmit there is no measurable RF output, yet my big rig connected an an outside antenna hears it clearly, but only about S5. I am able to peak its receiver from my big rig signal, set the freq to 7030.7 and the keyer, offset, etc. works fine. Plenty of loud sidetone audio in the speaker and good received audio from my big rig transmitting a watt nearby into a dummy load or into outside antenna. So, my guess is that all is fine except of maybe one of the transformers...maybe T1? Any guesses?
73 de Joe K0NEB

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