Re: Pig Rig troubleshooting question

Johnny AC0BQ

Here is the quote from Diz on t3.

"Double check T3. Should be 2 turns primary 
centertaped and 2 turns secondary.
If yoo look at T3 from the right side of the board, you should see
only 3 loops of wire in the holes plust the 2 wires coming out."
If t2 was wound wrong that would only cause low receive, right?
Johnny AC0BQ

On Monday, April 1, 2013, Johnny Matlock wrote:
Gm Joe:
I would look at the signal levels on the output transistors  with a scope or Rf Probe. They are in a table at the end, listed in the addendum.
I will look for a pic of T1 that Diz sent me.
Other than that, kinda sounds like a common mistake in the ant input portion of the rig??
Mabey put a sig gen on the antenna and chase it back??
Good luck 
Johnny AC0BQ

On Sunday, March 31, 2013, cornhusker wrote:

OK, folks...I got mine all together, and it can hear (barely!) and transmits (also barely!). I can hear it transmit in my Kenwood receiver, and if I key my Kenwood, I can hear it in the PigRig. But, connected to an antenna, the PigRig hears no outside signals or band noise at all. Also in transmit there is no measurable RF output, yet my big rig connected an an outside antenna hears it clearly, but only about S5. I am able to peak its receiver from my big rig signal, set the freq to 7030.7 and the keyer, offset, etc. works fine. Plenty of loud sidetone audio in the speaker and good received audio from my big rig transmitting a watt nearby into a dummy load or into outside antenna. So, my guess is that all is fine except of maybe one of the transformers...maybe T1? Any guesses?
73 de Joe K0NEB

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