Re: Ozarkcon event question


Saturday is a full day for those that came to attend OzarkCon, so the only time available might be Friday evening and frankly I'd rather be participating in a kit build than doing testing.

Surely to goodness there are enough testing sessions year round at many hundreds of locations that no one would have to miss what they came to OzarkCon for.

Maybe the Branson club might want to give a testing session during OzarkCon, or maybe they already have schedules testing sessions throughout the year ???

On 04/01/2013 04:04 PM, Jeremy Utley wrote:

I think it would definately be worth trying out for a year.� I'm the ARRL Team Liason for our club here in Iola, and it shouldn't be any problem for me to bring the test materials - as long as we could come up with one more Extra-class VE.� I'd even be willing to take the point in trying to organize it for next year, if people thought it was a good idea.

Jeremy, N9PH

On 4/1/2013 3:55 PM, Johnny Matlock wrote:
Hey Jeremy�
I am accredited with ARRL as well.
I think next year it might be a good idea to see if their is any interest.
Johnny AC0BQ

On Monday, April 1, 2013, Jeremy Utley wrote:

Hey guys!

Just a thought, was wondering if anyone else had ever considered
it....has there ever been thought of conducting a VE testing session
during Ozarkcon? I just started thinking about it as I was sending our
local club's testing sessions to ARRL for listing in their page of
upcoming tests. I'm sure we could come up with 3 people out of the
attendees who are accredited and could provide testing if anyone was
interested in it - I know I'm accredited with ARRL and could be one of them.

I know it's a little late to organize for this year, but maybe something
that could be considered for next year.


David Martin - K5DCM ---o0o---
Mountain Home, Arkansas

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