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Richard Dickerson

Any word on the release of the Bayou Jumper kits and what's the link to the Bayou Jumper group.  It's 5 degrees here and I'm anxious to start building.

Richard WF2F

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Interesting thing about Leo Marks, his family owned a large bookstore on London's Charring Cross Road, one which I frequently visited, probably even met him without knowing it. There is a movie about one of his most famous "trainees", Violete Zabo, who was featured in the movie "Carve her name with pride".  There is a book about the "technology" of the time, available from the RSGB (and likely from CQ magazine over here which is worth a read. As soon as I can remember what it's called I'll post the title.
As an aside, Leo Marks narrowly missed getting sent to Bletchley Park and wound up in London helping with coding and teaching coding to operatives who were to be inserted into enemy territory - extremely brave folk.
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"Between Silk and Cyanide" is also a good read about the people who ran the coding and trained the resistance fighters.  It does not mention the types or use of the radios though, just discusses the codes.  Written by Leo Marcks, head of coding division.  Was addictive to me but disappointing that it didn't go into the radios used.

Dave K8WPE

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A short while back someone posted to the Bayou Jumper Group a list of book titles about clandestine radio work. I took the list to our local library and through the lending network they are involved with 3 books came back on the first request. I just finished reading  "Two Eggs on My Plate" It was a good read that grabs you quick and holds your interest. I am amazed at the courage and dedication of these men and women that risked their very lives to provide reports to London during the war. I had also wondered how the Army got accurate WX information for D Day. I suspect most of it came from these clandestine stations. If you get a chance it is a good read.

de Paul N0NBD

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