Re: pig-rig question, help please

Todd K7TFC

On Mon, Apr 1, 2013 at 3:52 PM, wnpauls <pschumacher@...> wrote:

. . . The receiver is kind of deaf. When I touch the aligning caps (either one) with a screwdriver it comes alive and hears more than my ts940 does. would a non metal alignment tool help? has anyone else noticed this same effect? Do I have a fault in the receiver? . . . 


I have always heard that non-metal tools must be used for alignment. The presence of your hand capacitance close to RF circuitry is bad enough. Putting ferrous metal nearby in the form of a screwdriver pretty much louses up your adjustments. If you need to, you can make an alignment tool from a piece of plastic rod (some cocktail sticks are sturdy enough) or even from a chopstick. Just file/sand the ends down to a screwdriver shape. 


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