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Dennis Gaskill

I recounted the beacons, I had copied and I it was approaching 40 .......I only had 38 ......
You want to tune slowly , because the CW is so slow that there is a pretty good gap before the beacon starts over .
If you do PSK you can look for the signals on the waterfall as you sweep the band .

Dennis KC0IFQ

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What receivers/antennas are y'all using. I only hear HRD on about 423 kHz at
the Hardin County airport, Kountze Texas near Beaumont, about 40 miles away,
using a 40 meter dipole. Tomorrow I will try a different receiver.

Sam. Neal. N5AF

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Here is a list of North American beacons

Just use the search function in your web browser to find the Call Sign you
think you heard.

The noise is pretty bad .
I learned a little abut digging slow CW out of the noise.
I think I was approaching 50 beacons.

My QTH is close to Wichita, Ks so most beacons are I hear are
...........whadda you know , in the 4SQRP area.
Oklahoma, Kansas , Iowa, Texas, Missouri
The modulation or tone is kinda weird on many of them . You have to tune
carefully and play with all
your filters. I am using a Kenwood 590SG and a 130 ft OFC for a antenna.

Dennis KC0IFQ

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