Bayou Jumper First QSO!


Completed the build about an hour ago, took awhile to find the oscillator on the IC-728, ended up high by about 200 kHz so squeezed the coil, adjusted C30.  Now tuning 7010-7160 which suits me.  Plugged in a 7.050 FT243 crystal, transmits on 7.049. Not having much luck with the spotting procedure, need more practice I suppose.  Used the IC728 to get the receiver close to transmit frequency.  QRL a few times, coast was clear so CQ a few times.  K5ZSI about 130 miles from me answered, gave me a 569 report.

After verifying he wouldn't turn me in to the gestapo, told him was using a "spy radio" at about 2 watts powered with 8xAA cells.  It isn't in the wooden box yet so will hide it from the occupation troops in the cupboard when not in use until can finish the case. 

72, Curt KB5JO

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