Re: Bayou Jumper..... unusual


I had considered they were received on tape and cut loose, but I thought it was too consistent to have been cut loose by hand.

Oh well, not important.  Like I said I was just curious.

On 12/26/2016 20:24, larry7hastings7@... [4sqrp] wrote:

Hi Dave.  Is one lead longer than the other or is one lead shorter than the other?

They come to me with tape on both leads and are the same length. I use a pair of scissor to 
cut just inside the tape on one side. It makes it easy to pull the resistors, RF chokes and Diodes
 off the other side out with my fingers. Hints one lead is short than the other. 
I call them unbalanced resistors. Kind of like me. 72

David Martin - NA1MH - Mountain Home, Ar.

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