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It used to be the norm that one would tune around to find another ham on a different frequency other than your own crystal frequency since all the novices were rock bound and often their crystals did not match. Since the receiver can tune around quite a ways it should not be a problem it crystals don't match, it would not hurt to relearn old skills that can come in handy.

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Just thinking about the strategy for using crystals in the Bayou
Jumper. If we modify the crystals or add capacitors etc, while we can
achieve the marked frequency it will make it more difficult to contact
other Jumpers. Went down this road with the Rockmite, if want to QSO
with other Rockmites, stock is the only way to go because they all pull
the crystal about the same way.

Of course, suppose will mod one 7.122 to allow being right on the 7.122


72, Curt KB5JO

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