Re: input powered LED battery Voltmeter

Tom Clifton

I note that MPJ is now out of stock. However, HobbyKing (caters to the RC model crowd) has a very similar item that also measures current for the same price:

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First off, I have no financial interest in Marlin P. Jones Associates ( but I have bought a number of items from them over the last few years. Got their periodic e-mail flyer this morning and in it I found an item that should make monitoring your field QRP station's battery voltage a lot easier. It's a neat little 3 digit, 7 segment RED LED voltmeter that's powered from the input (measuring) leads. The logic is on the back side of the PC board (pix on the website) and it has mounting tabs on each side of the readout.

I ordered 4 of them myself. MPJA evidently hasn't worked a deal with UPS as their shipping runs a bit higher than I would like, but there are times when the item(s) ordered are worth the shipping cost IMO.

They had around 125 in stock when I ordered my 4. Unfortunately they won't arrive in time to show off at OzarkCon, but I'll review 'em after I do get them and make sure they aren't RF noisy. They sample the input voltage at 2 per second according to the posted info. If they turn out to be quiet, they might just be the ticket to keep an eye on your battery or power supply voltage while operating.

Jim - W0EB

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