Re: Crystal sockets

Don Wilhelm

I know it will modify the "Paraset" appearance, but if you cannot obtain real FT-243 crystal sockets, know that the crystals will fit into alternate pins of an octal tube socket. We used to do that in the "olden days" In fact, you can plug 2 FT-243 crystals into an octal socket and use a switch to choose between them.


On 12/28/2016 8:58 PM, 'Jim Sheldon' w0eb@... [4sqrp] wrote:

It doesn't come with a real crystal socket. They make it using Molex
pins and some slip on insulators that are installed through the holes in
the top panel. Little tricky but they work just fine and are cheaper to
buy than the FT-243 sockets. Much easier to get in the quantities
needed as well.

Jim - W0EB

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