Re: Bayou Jumper tricks I came up with


You can also use a 'square' against the crystal body to insure the pins are standing straight up.

I also used the FT-243 pins as a form for shaping the the crimp tabs to fit into the PCB holes.


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Got my Bayou Jumper kit from Larry Hastings this morning - started
building it around 1:30 this afternoon (after I put the "Golden Oak"
stain on the wood box and set it to dry). Build finished, alignment
done and the box was dry enough so I mounted it in the box - completion
around 5 p.m. It still needs a few tweaks to the Regen, but it hears and
it transmits. I need to get the regen feedback up a bit for better
receive but the frequency of the receiver came out right on what it
should have so I got the most hated part (the multi winding toroid)
close to correct and no need to further adjust the receiver frequency
other than getting the regeneration working a bit better. At least
there's only one of them little donuts to wind in this one. All the
other inductors are either solder-in or etched right on the PC board.

Here's a trick you can use to get the Molex crystal socket pins right if
you have an actual FT-243 crystal (just the case with pins is enough).
Follow the directions and get the pins set in their holes. Then, plug an
FT-243 crystal into them to keep the horizontal spacing right and then
carefully solder the pins on the TOP of the board first while making
sure the crystal sets vertical. Then, leaving the crystal plugged in,
turn the board over and solder the bottom side. Make sure the solder has
cooled on one pin before soldering the other on so you don't mess up
your original alignment. (Leaving the crystal plugged in supports the
pins mechanically so they don't get out of alignment when you solder the
bottom). Worked like a champ and doing it that way, the insulators went
over the pins perfectly from the top side of the front panel when they
were called for. It don't get much easier than that. Whoever wrote the
manual might want to consider adding this info to it. It DOES hinge on
having an actual crystal or crystal case with the pins on hand though.

Jim - W0EB

David Martin - NA1MH - Mountain Home, Ar.

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