Re: Crystal sockets

Sam Neal


This is slightly off what is being discussed. In the Ameco AC-1 clone partial
kit I am using, the designer intended for the user to use either a 1/4 inch
key jack - or plug the key into half of an 8 pin octal tube socket on the top
of the chassis using a gutted FT-243 xtal case, and using the other pins of
the socker to plug your xtal into.

I didn't do that. I wired the octal socket for crystals only.

Wire pins 1&2 together, pins 3&4 together, pins 5&6 together and 7&8 together.
Ground pins 1&2&5&6. Attach a wire so that 3&4 connect to 7&8 and run the
other end to the grid connection of the oscillator tube.

By doing this, you can plug your FT-243 into any combinations of pins that it
will fit into and not have to remember which two to use as you would the
other way.
Sam. Neal. N5AF

Subject: Re: [4sqrp] Crystal sockets

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