An The Winners(s) Is - Free To A Good Home(s)

Sam Neal


Thanks for the interest in these old rocks, and I only wish I had enough to
have given everyone one.

The winner(s) is as follows:

Xtal #1: Bill AB1AV
Xtal #2: Jim WA7DUY
Xtal #3: Mike AA9AA ( 7147 will put you near the 7140 or 7160 AM frequency
with your DX-60.) Wanna try for a DX-60 to DX-60 QSO some times?


I have three good 40 meter amateur band FT-243 crystals - free of course -
I pay the postage to anyone who needs one and will use it. I take your word
that. I just tested all three of them and they sounded good, using them with
my DL3ECH (?) AC-1 clone-kit - 6V6 tube at 4 Watts output , using my Icom
756PROII to check the frequency. No chirps and no drifting using the 6V6 tube
rig. I will hit " send " at 6 PM CST to give everyone a good chance at one.

Due to their being semi-rare, they will be one to a customer. They are
for the FT-243 sockets normally used on tube rigs, but the pins will be too
big for solid state rigs which normally use the smaller HC-49U case xtals
which are normally wired in place.


Xtal #1: FT-243 case by Westline/West Xtals - doesn't appear to have ever
been opened, although it may have a smaller HC-49U implanted in it's belly.(
pregnant crystal? ) Marked Frequency is 7122. Measured frequency is 7123.59.

Xtal #2: FT-243 case by CW Crystals - Marshfield, MO ( I bought about 20
FT-243s from him about a month before his passing ). Marked frequency is
measured frequency is 7124.60.

Xtal #3: Aluminum case type PR Z-9 with larger pins sweated over it's
wires to make it into a FT-243. Marked Frequency 7147. Measured frequency is
7145.2. This was ordered by me for a QRP group that used to be on that
frequency before the phone band expansion left in up there with the phonies.

Enjoy! I will thin the herd some more later.


Sam Neal N5AF

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