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Bry Carling <af4k@...>

Many modern rigs made by Yaesu, Kenwood, Icom etc. will tune in those LF bands.

I used to log a LOT Of the LF beacons while listening on a SONY ICF-2010 which gave remarkably good reception at LF.

Bry AF4K

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Thanks for the link Dennis, KC0IFQ. Rummaged through
some boxes and dug out my Palomar Engineers VLF
converter, listening to Dutch Harbor on 283 khz. Haven't
tuned through those frequencies in years !

72/73 to all  de AL7JK

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Great fun.  I use an Icom 756 Pro III, LSB, and 1.8k filter setting.  It takes me about a half hour to scan the band, tuning slow and stopping often, i.e. listening deep. Some signals are right at the noise level.  I'm thinking that a low pass filter in front of the receiver to knock down the broadcast band would be useful. I'm getting some mixing products and overloading due to a BCB station about 2 miles away.
I love this radio stuff.
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I recounted the beacons, I had copied and I it was approaching 40 .......I only had 38 ......
You want to tune slowly , because the CW is so slow that there is a pretty good gap before the beacon starts over .
If you do PSK you can look for the signals on the waterfall as you sweep the band .

Dennis KC0IFQ

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What receivers/antennas are y'all using. I only hear HRD on about 423 kHz at
the Hardin County airport, Kountze Texas near Beaumont, about 40 miles away,
using a 40 meter dipole. Tomorrow I will try a different receiver.

Sam. Neal. N5AF

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Here is a list of North American beacons htm

Just use the search function in your web browser to find the Call Sign you
think you heard.

The noise is pretty bad .
I learned a little abut digging slow CW out of the noise.
I think I was approaching 50 beacons.

My QTH is close to Wichita, Ks so most beacons are I hear are
...........whadda you know , in the 4SQRP area.
Oklahoma, Kansas , Iowa, Texas, Missouri
The modulation or tone is kinda weird on many of them . You have to tune
carefully and play with all
your filters. I am using a Kenwood 590SG and a 130 ft OFC for a antenna.

Dennis KC0IFQ

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