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Don Wilhelm

I can appreciate your efforts to re-create some of the gear that we worked with "way back when". However as a old-timer, I have done that a long time ago when I was learning what this hobby is all about.
I am hardware oriented, so the RasberryPi does not interest me much, but high performance gear constructed with modern parts does fit within my interests. In other words, I like modern designs that push the state of the art rather than things that are retro.

Yes, I have built the K1, K2, KX1 and all the options associated with those kits. I have a KX3 and a K3 and enjoy every minute with them. In fact, I enjoy a good business repairing those Elecraft legacy line kits.

So what am I saying? I enjoy hardware challenges, but I expect them to be state of the art designs. A regen receiver is fun to play with for a time, but the fun wears off after a short time. Making contacts with minimalist gear is just not my style.

Sorry if I have "rained on anyone's parade", but I do not see advancement of the communications art by constructing retro gear.


On 12/29/2016 8:12 PM, Ariel Jacala lionking45@... [4sqrp] wrote:


Speaking for myself, I have built a K1, K2, KX1, KX3, various YouKits,
all very fine rigs with all the modern technologies and VFO but I get
excited even more by building something out of the past to experience a
little bit what it was like to be a radio man 70 years ago. That is
what this kit is all about. I am a relatively new ham (licensed 7
years ago) and never experienced what it was like "in the old days".
Single crystal, the echo of the regen - all great stuff. Thanks to
the 4 State QRP guys for coming up with a great idea. I can't wait.

Ariel NY4G

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