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Lon, very well said.  May I quote your words on my local club web site ?


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Not to sound all gooey, been a ham since 1972 and avoided CW at all cost because I just could not copy good enough to feel comfortable on air and it was so much easier to hit the mike button and just talk.  I have since found renewed interest in CW and it has been like getting into the hobby for the first time all over again.  I find that my CW contacts are helpful and hey, hard to be a lid on air when sending code (too much work).  So I understand it is not for all, but for me it has opened new doors and new friends.  All I have to do now is get proficient at it Hi, Hi…


Hope all have a very Happy New Year  73/N5DJY


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This is a wonderful idea and kit.  We need more hams learning CW.  I hope it sells out and you have many runs with it. 

Lee, w0vt


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Just imagine a kit that is designed to increase the Ham radio world of  more CW operators and be a fun project.


Yes, we are announcing the release of the 4SQRP kit, Super Simple CPO (SSCPO). The kit is for very special people who may come into the Ham radio ranks, seasoned Hams that want to join in the fun of CW, and a useful Ham shack accessory. If you do show & tell, this is for you!


Please see the website for the whole picture and idea behind the newest kit from 4SQRP.




David Martin - NA1MH - Mountain Home, Ar.

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