Bayou Jumper Off/Receive/Transmit Selector Switch


You know the old saying, "When all else fails, read the instructions!".

While looking at the the selector switch of course I did what the instructions warned against, drop the key from the switch. No big deal, I figured out how to put it back in the right place, which I discovered later the instructions told you where it should be if someone accidentally did exactly what I did !

Anyway, in playing with it, I was looking at how it would be when the front board was added to the main circuit board, and noticed the considerable gap between the front panel and that keying ring and thinking that ring ain't gonna stay where it's supposed to be once the radio is built.

I decided to put an O-Ring on the switch to take up that gap.

Found one at Lowes the fit snugly on the switch threads and provided about a 1/32" compression on the key with the front panel installed. And I wasn't going to accidentally dislodge that key again while fiddling with the switch.

Yes, you are right, I hadn't read the part about bending the lock washer (later on in the instructions).

Anyway, if you look in the photos section of the 4SQRP Yahoo Group, you'll see my switch with the O-Ring on it.

Well, anyway, I thought I would share some of my goofiness with you.

David Martin - NA1MH - Mountain Home, Ar.

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