Re: Possible error on Bayou Jumper

Jim, N5IB

I'm trying to "do my bit" to help in sorting out any remaining issues in the Bayou Jumper manual and other documemts. I'm looking at rev1.1 of the manual and the 12/14/2016 version Bill of Materials.

The references to L2 and L3 appear to be correct in both documents, as well as on the schematics.... but there's no telling what my tri-focalled eyes my be seeing or missing  :^))

e-mail me privately  n5ib (at) juno (dot) com   and you can point me to the problem areas.

Jim, N5IB

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The manual calls for L2 twice, but apparently the first l2 is a 1 uh near r17, but the second is not l2 but is l4 470 uh which is called l4 on the board but marked there as 1 m near c19.

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