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Sorry, bad memory....

The instructions I am using is version 1.1 and it does say 1/4", and I stand by that dimension being too much to remove from the switch shaft.

Measuring my switch, I have 1/4" remaining on the switch shaft.

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The instruction manual on the website when I got my kit was version 1.1 (still the current version on the website as I write this) and it says 1/4" not 1/2" so I suspect NA1MH may have been using an earlier version of the instructions.  Version 1.1 has at least one other minor mistake in it, but most people won't even notice it unless they have to use C31 to get some more regenerative feedback.  The book calls it C16, (22pf) when in fact C16 (220 pf) had been installed already.  C31 (silkscreened on the PC board) should be the only capacitor spot with nothing in it after the initial build is completed. The two capacitors are correctly listed in the BOM (bill of materials) and in the build sequence, C31 is clearly marked DO NOT INSTALL YET.  That was the only mistake that I found in 1.1 and I did report it to N5IB so he could have the manual editor fix it in an upcoming revision.
Jim - W0EB
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my instructions say cut off 1/4".   Dick  n0tgr

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Walter, I agree.
I read the instructions to cut off 1/2" and it looked to me to be excessive.
I did some measuring and ended up cutting off less so the knobs brass insert would not bottom out on the switch's threaded mounting shaft.


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Builders of the Bayou Jumper........PLEASE note that you do NOT want to cut too much shaft off of the rotary switch. If you do, your chicken head selector knob is going to spin instead of select. The shaft being too short keeps the knob set screw from getting a grip on the switch shaft.

Unsoldering that switch which has a few wires may fuel your knight-mares (sp)!!!!!

73.... Walter - K5EST

David Martin - NA1MH - Mountain Home, Ar.

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