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You are right, I also used a modelers razor saw to cut the shaft.

Instead of bending the lock washer, I used a Danco #8 O-Ring (from Lowes) to retain the switch key.  It fit snug enough you will never have to worry about the key falling off while fiddling with the switch and when the front cover is mounted, the thickness of the O-Ring will provide about 1/32" of compression against the key.

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On 1/2/2017 11:10, Jim Sheldon wrote:
Hi Dave,
I agree 100 percent 1/4" is too much.  I only cut 3/16" off mine and measured it very carefully.  I cut it with one of those X-Acto razor saws model makers use.  If I'd taken a full 1/4" off it I'd be looking for a new switch along with the attendant hour sucking the solder off those terminals to get the switch out.  I think 3/16 is going to be hard to get exact for many of the people, but any more than that is going to be problems.

I also didn't like the fact that the front panel doesn't set down tight against the switch.  If you don't bend that internal tooth lockwasher enough, the switch's rotational stop will jump out and then you really have to take the panel off again to put it back where it belongs.  I'm thinking I might try and find a thin control nut and lock it down, leaving the nut off the top of the panel if it becomes necessary.

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