Re: Possible error on Bayou Jumper


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I'm trying to "do my bit" to help in sorting out any remaining issues
in the Bayou Jumper manual and other documemts. I'm looking at rev1.1
of the manual and the 12/14/2016 version Bill of Materials.

The references to L2 and L3 appear to be correct in both documents, as
well as on the schematics.... but there's no telling what my
tri-focalled eyes my be seeing or missing :^))
I am working from manual Rev 1.1 and it notes the value of L2 is 1 uH
and L4 is 470 uH and has a notice in yellow above that table that says,
"Notice that the value of L4 marked on the PCB os 10.m instead of the
470u supplied."

I am at this step right now which is why I checked back to this thread.

I appears the confusion is the marking on the PCB and not in the
manual. That color markings in the manual appear correct with the parts
supplied, although the "brown" band of the 470u looks more red to me.

72, Nate


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