Re: Possible error on Bayou Jumper

Jim M. <hotrods.2@...>

Hi, Jim KD0MXD,

Starting on my radio.

So L2 and L4 are to be switched?

Thanks, 73/KD0MXD/ Jim


Ran into same issue. The 1000 micro H goes in the keying circuit.

Got mine fired up and testing/calibrating it today. Solid 4.8 watts into
my dummy load.

Took a tad of fiddling with the 19 turn winding to get where I wanted
it. Now tunes 7.000 - 7.156. Need to put together a calibration chart to
laminate and stick in the lid.

More crystals coming Tuesday.

Receiver is hot! I started this game with regenerative receivers. Can't
beat them for ease of use.

73 /paul W3FIS

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