Re: First Bayou Jumper contact!

Walter - K5EST

Hi Joe, thank you for the report. Yes, brilliant design work they used putting this kit together.
73....Walter Dufrain - K5EST

On Mon, Jan 2, 2017 at 6:02 PM, Joe E cornhusker@... [4sqrp] <4sqrp@...> wrote:

I just got my first contact on the Bayou Jumper this evening.  Mine puts out exactly 5 watts as measured on two different meters.  The antenna was a Radiowavz Saturn 4-40 multiband dipole with the 4S Tuner to get the very best SWR.  The contact was KD7JG Joe in Oregon and he gave me a 569.  Since I am having trouble with the "spot" function, I used my Elecraft XG3 signal generator to both set my dial and measure the sensitivity.  It hears the -107 DBm (1uv) level signal OK, so hats off to the team that designed this kit!  The "spot" seems to overload, even with attenuator up all of the way.  The receiver seems pretty stable for a regen, and was very easy to copy his signal.  As to the selector switch, I found that if I removed the lockwasher, I could replace the nut and turn it all of the way down to hold the locking ring in place, and it fits just right under the front panel board.  I also did not trim the size of the shaft, and the "chicken head" knob seems to fit OK and doesn't look bad at all.  When I first tested the rx, all I could hear was strong AM SW broadcast stations that are just above to 40M band.  A quick squeeze of the toroid and it was right where it belongs.  Look for my writeup on it in the March issue of CQ. 
73, Joe K0NEB

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