Re: 4 SALE KX-1 4 bander and KENWOOD d710a/aprs

john adams <johnk4qq@...>

Johnny, I own a kx-1 and have owned a k-1. What you describe sounds more like a k-1. 73, John

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On Jan 2, 2017, at 5:36 PM, Johnny Matlock [4sqrp] <> wrote:

Ge all
I like Woody, have some radios that I like but just
Don't use.

I bought the KX-1 about a year ago.
It's the 4 bander, with internal tuner and the filter board. It has the nb
The bands are 15,20,30, and 40.
No battery option.
It was built by N5DRB who did a beautiful job!!
Looks and works li

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