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Kelly E


I think you will really like it. I've had one for over a year, and it is probably my favorite due to the SWR indicator. Probably the toughest part is lining up the polyvaricon cap as it is a tight fit to avoid shorting the board. I typically use about 3-4 ft of "counterpoise" just enough to contact the ground a bit from my rollup camping table. I does a great job and I have had lots of contacts using it, though now I have been using jumper dipoles more than the EFHW as it seems most of my QSO's are in the 1000mile range and the signals are a bit stronger with less noise than the sloper or vertical EFHW offer. A bit more work to get the dipole up but I have some great trees in a nearby lakeside park and can get an inverted vee up 40-45 ft with my trusty slingshot and archery reel setup.

I also use WA5BDU's matcher with my 40-20m EFHW antennas with good results. A trick with Nick's matcher is to find your wire length at the sites you typically operate and for new sites you can lower the SWR a bit by playing with the length if you have problems finding a match. I use those little spring loaded push buttons you find on camping gear closures and fold wire back upon itself to give some flexibility for lengthening or shortening depending on the site and its impact on the setup. A bit more up and down if you are a purist and like to squeeze a few more milliwatts into the ether!

Kelly K4UPG

On 2/12/2013 11:21 AM, David Martin wrote:

I ordered the End Fed Half Wave Tuner last week and received it in the
mail yesterday (Monday 2/11/2013), see link.....

Planning to build it tonight. Lousy weather in the forecast for the
next few days so it may be a while before I can give it a try outside.

Can anybody share your experiences with this neat little tuner ?

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