Re: Bayou Jumper Regen setup

Ariel Jacala

Make the antenna shown in the photos section or as shown blow

Then drape it on the BJ

Hunt for where the tone is on the listening transceiver.  Make sure you are hearing the regen hiss. - move the pot from the high side to the low side and see where it is on both ends

Ariel NY4G

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I got my Bayou Jumper up and running this evening...the transmit side is fine...although my crystals are both a bit low but that is not my problem...

My receiver side is working but I have no idea WHERE it is on the frequency spectrum...I can pick up allot of Spanish speaking stations but can't figure out what freq they are on...I tried using my General Coverage Receiver  but still can't figure out where they are.

Also, the spot function doesn't seem to be working BUT I presume that is because the tuning is way off...I have poured over the instructions but can't find a solution.

Any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated....thanks

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