Re: Bayou Jumper Regen setup

Jim, N5IB

Glad to hear you got the tuning range sorted out. ...I had to grin diabolically when I read that you didn't want to fiddle with the trimmers.  I put them in the circuit because lots of folks hate to fiddle with toroids - hi

Concerning the regeneration. Let me be sure I'm interpreting you right. The fully CCW position is what I call 7 o'clock, mid scale is 12, and fully CW is about 5, right.

Since most of the time you'll be operating the Rx just past the onset of oscillation it only matters that you can go into and out of oscillation smoothly.. It does help to have a lot of regeneration available in reserve  if you have to deal with a strong signal that tries to pull or block the detector. The spotting function will do better also if regeneration is robust. That's why I like to set mine with the onset of oscillation at about 30% of the way up from fully CCW. I crank it full bore when spotting.

Jim, N5IB

Now to the Regen positioning....presently it doesn't kick in until about the 9 o'clock position BUT seems to have plenty left all the way to fully clockwise...
This makes me wonder is there is much more to be gained by trying to readjust it back to the 6 o'clock position....

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