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GA John,

Sri again, wont be able to make it, spending the day and night at my daughter's.  We're finally going to be able to have Christmas, too much crud in the family this year.

Hope you have a good turnout.
I love this radio stuff.
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Don't forget the SSS coming up this Sunday evening. I've been told 80M
might be a good band to check out these days. The 80M frequency to
watch is 3564 kHz. And, of course, the 40M frequency is 7122, which
just happens to be the frequency supplied with the 100 Bayou Jumpers
recently distributed. Speaking of the Bayou Jumper, since it is rock
bound and since the crystals aren't exactly at 7122 kHz, you might want
to tune around 7122 a bit, to see if anyone is lurking in the vicinity.

For complete rules, you can EITHER go to the 4SQRP group website
(4SQRP.COM) and click on "on-air activities" or you can find the same
set of rules on the QRPCONTEST.COM website, which is where you must go
to report your score.

I'll try to send out one more reminder before the contest. Here's an
idea: Why not put the SSS on your calendar. It will always be on the
2nd Sunday of every month and always at 7:00-9:00 central time (daylight
or standard, whichever is in effect). You can preload your calendar for
the entire year. Maybe that will help you remember.


John, AA0VE
4SQRP Contest Coordinator

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