Re: Piggy Progress

Charlie Vest

The 3 terminal LM317 is easy to overlook , since it is in a package just like all of the transistors . So be sure and check the numbers on your transistors to make sure one of them isn't the LM317 .

It all went pretty smoothly for me on the transformers once I just took a step back slowed down and did it word by word and picture by picture .

Take your time and you will have a nice rig . Have a receiver sitting on the piggy factory frequency right now and most of the time I am in the shack .

Charlie , W5COV

On 4/4/2013 11:28 AM, Lee Mairs (SAG) wrote:

It took me even a bit longer to get where you are.  I am missing the three terminal LM317L regulator, but think I have now identified everything else.  Can some tell me Diz's email address?

Hope to get back to construction this afternoon.  The two transformers were a total bear, but hopefully they are finally correct.  Make sure you look at the picture of T2 before you start winding and installing it,  For some reason the light didn't go on until I saw the picture on the next page,

73 de Lee
Prospective PigRig 157

On 4/4/2013 12:24 AM, Louis Axeman wrote:
After only about ten hours checking parts, labeling parts, etc., etc., all the 1/8 watt resistors are soldered in their places -- I hope all the correct places -- on #204: slow progress, but progress nonetheless.
Lou, N8LA 

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