Re: 80 meter QRP transceiver

Don Wilhelm


Take a 40 meter board and convert the tuned circuits to 80 meters. A bit of calculation for the Low Pass Filter will be in order, but it should be quite do-able.
Look at the Elecraft K1 2 band board if you are wanting for component values for a 5 element low pass filter for 80 meters - the toroids are wound on T37-6 cores.
For a series or parallel LC Tuned circuit, the Mini Ring Core calculator can give you the values required.
See to download the mini Ring Core calculator.

Creating your on modification is rewarding - or build from your own design. Experimental Methods in RF Design is quite helpful for designing your own or adapting someone else's design.


On 1/7/2017 4:26 PM, Marty Lifgren mlifgr@... [4sqrp] wrote:

To buy or build. Looking for suggestions. Seems everyone is doing 40

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