Re: Bayou Jumper Regen setup


Thanks to the input of everyone, I have my BJ regen tweaked in. The
range is approximately 7.000 MHx to 7.138 MHz.

Initially the midway point on the dial was about 7.400 MHz and
compressing the 19 turns brought it close to 7.050 MHz. Then I found
the 0 point was well below the bottom of the band. So a bit more
tweaking with the turns and C30 it is where I want it for now. It helps
to have a K3 along with a P3 panadapter to figure out where the
oscillator is!

With just an alligator clip I was receiving several CW stations so this
is a hot receiver.

My regneration control is at around the 3 O'clock point when oscillation
begins but I haven't tried tweaking it per the manual yet.

I have a head cold as of this morning and I probably shouldn't have
fooled with it at all as I need to look for a white Sharpie to color in
a scratch I made. At least now it's personalized. Sigh...

72, Nate


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