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Well, I hung out for about 45 minutes calling CQ on 7.121.025ish...freq seems to vary by a few hertz but the Reverse Beacons spotted me at 7.121.100...
Anyway, I did have a couple of answers but dialing them in on the regen is horse of a different color.  So I use my IC-760 with fldigi to spot the sigs but they were just too weak to copy...even with all the filters fldigi couldn't pull them out...but I could tell they were there...
SO, I will have to remember to give a long enough reply or call to allow other BJ'ers the time needed to dial in my signal...hopefully they will return the favor.
Enjoying the challenge. 72s

Rocky Weeks, AF5AF
East Arkansas Fur Takers, FTA Chap 29B
Arkansas Trappers Assoc.
South Western Arkansas Fur Takers, FTA Chap 29A

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I stuck it out for an hour and made one contact. I heard a few other signals but not strong enough to work. Ill be hanging in the 7122 area for Jumpers tomorrow. de Paul N0NBD

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