Jumper spotting thoughts


Even after adjusting mine for more robust regeneration ( was 3 o'clock, now 10 o'clock ), the suggestions in the manual for spotting aren't working for me.  I just listened for the regen oscillator and the tx oscillator in my communication receiver, then marked the dial with a sharpie for each crystal owned.  A little test oacillator built years ago also runs at very near the same frequency as the jumper for the same crystal, and doesn't overload the receiver so that works for spotting too. 

It's too bad there isn't some way to drastically attenuate the output of  the Jumper oscillator for spotting, but looking at the schematic, can see no way of doing this that is obvious to me.

So far 25 QSOs with 15 states since born near Christmas.

72, Curt KB5JO

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