Re: Bayou jumper spotting revisited!

David Martin <davemrtn@...>

That's pretty cool, I will have to give that a try.


On 1/11/2017 17:15, Johnny Matlock jomatlock@... [4sqrp] wrote:
Ge all
I just remembered the procedure for spotting my real replica paraset.

You place the crystal across the antenna connector in recurve mode with the antenna disconnected, turn the regen all the way up, turn the dial till you hear a loud "POP" or Thump.
That's it!!
Your on freq!
Jim N5IB tried it today and it works!!
Here is a pic of his adapter he made.
The link for the part is listed below.
A BNC to female cinch pin connector should also work?

Thanks Jim!
Try it and see if it works for you?
Johnny AC0BQ

Here is Jim reply

Just tried it on the prototype. I put a little Marlin P Jones adapter (
 on the antenna jack (antenna disconnected), 
Had to use minimum attenuation (max gain) to hear the pop. But it was clear and unmistakable, and right on the frequency of the outboard spotting oscillator.
Photo attached.

David Martin - NA1MH - Mountain Home, Ar.

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