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Good idea Jim.

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Quick & dirty spotting adapter for the Bayou Jumper.  Take one "crimp on" or other BNC male connector.  Solder a piece of solid, insulated 18 gauge (I used 16 gauge but drilled out the center pin of the BNC to fit) wire to the center pin of the connector.  Solder the other end of this wire to a small piece of double sided PC board material (make sure there are no shorts between sides across the edges).  Wrap another piece of solid #18 or #16 wire around the neck of the BNC connector and solder it.  Solder the other end of this wire to the 2nd side of the double sided PC board.  

To use, just plug it into the antenna jack and touch the crystal to the PC board material, one pin on each side of the board (see 2nd picture) and tune the RX until you hear a THUMP.  You'll be within a quarter to a half KHz of the crystal's frequency.  Put the adapter away, plug the crystal into the Jumper's transmitter and have at it.

I know, it's ugly, but it works and it's fairly easy to make if you don't have one of those BNC to screw terminal connectors shown in Johnny's post and don't want to wait for an order from MPJA to arrive.  It's also cheaper (assuming you have some double sided PC board scraps & a spare BNC connector you can use).

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