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It may be that if you mount a single banana binding post on the front panel near the BNC Antenna connector, you make contact with the BNC center connection and the banana binding post and accomplish the spotting.

You may/will need to scrape off some of the white solder mask on the underside (inside) of the front panel for the binding post to catch a ground connection.

No need to use a switch or adapter.


On 1/11/2017 20:38, Kenneth Ketner klaine@... [4sqrp] wrote:
Concerning spotting, could one set sw1 position key to 4 instead of the specified 3 positions, then use the fourth, hopefully now available, set of switch contacts to set up spotting in a more replicable fashion? Sw1 could now track as off, rx, tx, and a fourth position that is unmarked on the front panel, but is known to all with a sufficient security clearance, as a spotting position that functions if key is also down. I don't know the full specs on this switch, so can't know if there is enuf extra switching in it to accomplish this idea. If not this particular sw model, then perhaps a similar one that will do it.

I am beginning to suspect that the currently recommended spotting method is not replicable across all feasible build/component variations. Reliable spotting would be a good feature with this set.

On a related topic, I built a 90 pf miniature variable cap into an empty ft 243 body, in series with the small 122 xtl. The good news is that it rubbers the freq both up AND down enuf to be useful for netting xtal to xtal xcvrs -- at least this one did. I glued a short piece of wood dowel onto the cap shaft, and it will now turn easily by hand. This, plus good spotting, would give both spots and rock netting.

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