Re: OzarkCon 2017 Door Prize donations:

Phil <w0xiphil@...>

Pat and I are not certain that we’ll be at 4SQRP this year.....that’s still open.
However, we usually donate where would I send your house?
And would I send a list via email for your website?
Phil Anderson, W0XI, 4SQRP member # 13
72 and enjoy PSK31 ! I certainly am and often at low mode.

Sent: Tuesday, January 17, 2017 8:39 PM
Subject: [4sqrp] OzarkCon 2017 Door Prize donations:

Regarding door prizes: Do you have some complete, but unbuilt kits that you may never get around to building? 
I can help you with that!
Consider donating those kits to OzarkCon as door prizes! 
We’ll get them into the hands of another QRP’er who’ll be both happy to receive a prize, and love the chance to build that kit. 
Let me know, as soon as possible, what you have. 

We've also had donations of items such as QRP books, Arduino starter packs, etc.
I’ll get it listed on the OzarkCon prize page.  (We already have some nice donations listed.)

I’ll work with you on any delivery scheme but I'd prefer to have your donation(s) in hand by March 15th.  That gives Karen & I the logistical time to get them cataloged and ready for the convention drawings.  (It also gives us more time to enjoy the convention, rather than checking in prizes and adding them to the records on-site.)

Contact me and we’ll get the ball rolling.

-Ed, WG5F, & Karen, W5KKM-
OzarkCon Prize Co-Chairmen

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