Re: Where are the other agents?


speaking covertly as an unidentified agent, it may just surprise you just how many skcc agent you have here.......heh heh
SKCC 2xQRP #001
SKCC 1xQRP #002

In a message dated 1/18/2017 12:30:47 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, 4sqrp@... writes:

I don't possess a 7122 xtal, but seeking to integrate my homebrew regen (a WBR design) with an N5IB-inspired Transmitter (very similar to his BJ prototype, tuna tin configuration exciter followed by a IRF510 PA). 

I will try to convertly post among the other skcc operators (mostly commercial gear they have little clue of our operating home constructed gear at times!) and perhaps we can cross-band. 

Yes 40m has been quite long, and at times not much propagation. 

If I have enough fun with the rig - maybe it will encourage ordering a 7122 rock from somewhere.  Need to inventory what I do have -- it all outside the normal SKCC spectrum. 

Playing with the regen has me convinced that I could make QSOs with it.  A lot fewer parts than my other receivers!  The clean audio is amazing - those JT-whatever tones do sound like music through it. 

CUL Curt

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