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Paul Smith

Very good story Dave,

I my Toodles 46 years ago about now and her folks ALWAYS treated me like I was their own.... In a few months we will celebrate 45 years and she say she still likes me..... wow de Paul N0NBD

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I will remind my wife of that. Actually, this is one of those times when neither one of us had much to say about it.  She was a nurse at the hospital and on the first day she decided she didn't like me.  But, she was game for a free dinner at a nice restaurant and a movie, besides her girlfriends would have lined up to take her place if it were available, so she couldn't say no.  Her mother and I hit it off right away and her mother drove off the other few guys that were beating a path to their door.  Her brother was a doctor, sister a nurse and they liked me.  And I had to marry her to get her parents.  They were salt of the earth kind of folks, well known and respected in the community, and adopted me on the first date.  Her dad was the dad I had lost due to death at age 15 and we hunted and fished together.  She didn't have a chance to say no!  It's been good for 44 years.  Besides, everything is in her name.  Who would want me? 

Dave K8WPE

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There are known to be doctors that play ham radio instead of golf. Marrying a doctor might not have been a good solution!


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When I bought the case at Hobby Lobby all my wife of 44 years did was roll her eyes...... How humiliating for such a respectable hobby.  She still wishes some times she had married a doctor who played  golf and drove a sports car.  What did she get.  One who drives a 30 year old VW camper van and has a hobby that goes beep, beep, beep in the night.

Dave K8WPE

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DONE!! One on order as of this minute.  Looking forward to my new 'challenge' (what my wife would call a 'toy' but, hey, whose arguing).

Bob Groh, WA2CKY

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