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Hello Again,

I just measured my Crystal QSYer adapter using my Viking and a crystal marked 7.110 MHz.  Measurement s were made on both a counter and spectral display on HRD.

The crystal oscillates at 7.1108 on the straight through side.  The frequency change on the side with the cap. is 7.1108 to 7.1113 or about 500 cycles, if my math is correct.  The cap. is measured at 6 to 60 pF and I have an extra one here if you want to build one yourself. I know I have extra FT-241 type crystals to use as the plug and I might have either a single or double FT-243 type socket. 

Let me know, Jeff

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I would like to see a close up of the adaptor to vary the crystal frequency a little

Dave K8WPE

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WOW Tim,
That's beautiful - excellent joinery in the internal partitions too!  I have one of the big boxes and I might just attempt something similar.  I see you also put a digital knob pot on yours.  Sure makes it tune smooth doesn't it?

Jim - W0EB

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All that is left is secrete Spy Code Engraving.

Tim W4YN

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