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Wayne Dillon

Good afternoon all,
Well I set to to try and discover what had gone amiss with my (fairly) new 124'6" wahr and why I couldn't get it to go on 80/160. It used to, it really did. My G5RV Jr was still tuning up on 40m but was showing signs of not wanting to on anything other than 40/20m. I had a sinking feeling that my AT100ProII was giving trouble  so I decided to eliminate one component at a time. Where the antenna co-ax feeders come into the shack I have a 4 position co-ax switch. I disconnected the 124'6" wahr and bypassed the switch with a spare female to female connector. Selected 80m on the radio and hey presto, tuned right up. The same on all bands, works a treat. Performed the same bypass with the G5RV Jr and again it tuned on all bands 40-6 (as usual 15m was difficult). So the issue was with the 4 way antenna switch. Now for the kicker, it is an MFJ switch, big solid cast body, they are getting it back with a seriously ticked off note telling them that their product should last longer than about a year. I should have known, I have had trouble with every MFJ antenna switch I've ever used, you'd think I'd have known better than to get another. Lesson learned, I should have forked over the extra $10.00 and bought an Alpha-Delta, I've never heard anything bad about that product.
Bottom line, I'll help Paul out this week (and following weeks) with an extra 80m net, 40 doesn't look like improving anytime soon so we'll leave 40m alone for a while.
so, Wednesday evening, 19:30 local 3.564 and let's see if we can scare up a little action on 80. I hope Paul can call an 80m net at 20:00 local, it'll be interesting to see what shakes loose.
Blessings all es vy 72/3 de Wayne - NQ0RP 

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