Reading 'The Secret Wireless War', I came to [page 92, paragraph 7) a sentence about the 'Paraset' (Whaddon MkVII) saying -

"With no 'fine tuning' control, the receiver was not easy to use by anyone lacking 'safe-breaker's fingers'."

My first thought was "what the heck kind of fingers are those?".   A google search turned up a link about "Safe Crackers", so that made the light go and I realized what the writer meant.

Also, his comment about no "fine tuning" must have meant no "electrical" fine tuning, because looking at a photo of a MkVII Paraset on the following page, there appears to be a fine tuning knob of sorts, albeit a mechanical method.

Comments please....

David Martin - NA1MH - Mountain Home, Ar. -----------------------------------------

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