Home Brew Hand Key Finished

Jim Sheldon

Got the Orange Kirinite knob finished a few minutes ago, mated it with
the skirt & mounted them on the key - came out pretty. Didn't like that
8-32 nut locking the upper contact in place so I machined the skirt off
a brass knurled nut like those on the adjustment screws and used that
instead. Looks a lot better. Changed the cable to a smaller diameter
one that's very flexible and put a decent strain relief on it.

Also got it's little brother in from Morse Express this morning. To go
in my Bayou Jumper case, I bought one of their last remaining 2005
"Christmas" keys and it's a cute little bugger. The return spring was
WAAAAY too heavy though even at it's lightest setting and I wound up
having to clip 2 turns off of it to make it comfortable to send with.
It's even 18 carat gold plated! I don't particularly care for the round
top wood knob, but it is what it is and it does work for sending CW -

Jim - W0EB

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