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John Adams <johnk4qq@...>

I live in an HOA subdivision and am severely restricted with reference to antennas. The 33ft. End fed wire is erected as a sloper running out of an upstairs bedroom to a small tree in the yard. The 33ft. counterpoise runs along the baseboard in the hall. SWR, as measured by the internal tuner in the Kx1 is as follows: 20m, 1.4; 30m, 1.0, 40 m, 1.0. This antenna is recommended by K1YPP who has done extensive portable operation, including walking the AT from Georgia to Maine, making at least one contact from each state. The speaker wire is not desirable as a permanent antenna due to exposure to the elements. I plan on replacing it later with AWG 26 stealth wire and using the speaker wire for portable operation. I have been a ham for 55 years and have especially enjoyed building and experimenting with antennas. 73, John

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