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David Wilcox

Sorry about the knob error.  I hadn't noticed that the switch knob was too high.  It works as is and the chicken knob is easy to grab with my fumble fingers.  Also, I will leave the atten pot as is.  This radio is a hoot.  Can't wait to take it to our local radio club to see the eyes roll just like my wife.  I did take the club pres to FDIM last year and now he is eager to go this year, so am seeing some converts.  Thanks to 4SQRP and all the builders who have added to the knowledge base.

Dave K8WPE

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.???, okay I just happy to have knobs to chose from. I don't care if the say GE and have tempature ranges. 


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Maybe that explains why the tuning pot is wired backwards and requires pcb mods to make it right ??  Just my opinion too.  But I did mod my tuning pot so '10' on the knob is the higher freq and '1' is the lower freq.

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It wasn't the tuning pot that might need trimming, it is the rotary switch.
The tuning pot has to be elevated off the PCB a bit so that there is enough shaft for the knob to grab.

regarding the ATTEN control - that was an executive decision, at least in my prototype. CW rotation = more signal, just like the VOLUME control.  When I first showed the proto I had it wired so that full CCW was minimum attenuation, and the folks who were playing with it remarked that it worked backwards - hi - so I turned it around and left the labeling as is.  Tried to tell them is was designed for the Southern Hemisphere... but that dog wouldn't hunt..


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Has there been a change in the tuning pot or knob?  I am glad I didn't cut any of the shaft off because my knob snugs right down on the faceplate, and when I put it flush with the faceplate it becomes more stable in staying on frequency and easier to tune.  At first I had it about 1/16 inch above the faceplate to prevent scratching it but it works better down tighter.  Might put a piece of felt behind it like the knobs of yore.

Another question:  why does the attenuator pot work backwards?  I would think, clockwise = more attenuation.  Less attenuation at the 7:00 o'clock position.  Mine is least at the 5:00 o'clock and max at 7:00 o'clock. May have to fix that on mine.

Has anyone found a way to remove the lettering on the tuning pot? Then I could just use small press on numbers somehow relating to the frequency.  7  .03 .05 1.0 etc.  I think I could do it or if someone was good with Word or some printing program print out a ring that we could place on the knob skirt with dots or something we could make a chart for.

Dave K8WPE

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