Re: BJ question

Paul Ross <deadgoose@...>

As to the markings on the tuning knob..

I did a calibration chart, which I put inside the lid.

Also, I took a small artist's brush and some Testor yellow model paint -- painted a small stripe along the rim of the knob in the area from 7030 to 7122.

Then, after paint was dry, did the crystal thing to spot my crystals, making a small line on the yellow painted part for 7030, 7040, 7055, and 7112.

You can have it both ways...

I am now in the process of finishing the largest HH box to hold the radio, tuner, etc. A small 3/8" square piece of box wood from Michaels glued on the bottom of the large box does the trick. I'll use some bubble wrap to keep things from moving around, for the moment.

I have a QRP Kits BLT tuner, 3000 mAh lithium ion pack, some small headphones, and some wire for an antenna/ground.

Also reading "The Code in Rebecca" by Ken Follett -- a good read on clandestine radio ops.

/paul W3FIS

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