Re: End Fed Wire (Was NorCal Doublet)

Wayne Dillon

Just to add my $0.02 worth.
I needed a wire to operate 80m so I went with a 124' 6" length fed via a 9:1 unun, works a treat on 80, loads on 160 as well, (as well as all the other bands up to 6m). Starts off at around 10' agl (unun is in the attic) with the far end at around 30'. The unun is at one end of the house, the shack at the other so coax from ASTU to unun is around 80'. Gets ny 5 watts from SE Kansas to NJ. Works for me. My other "go to" antennas are a 66' wire +33' counterpoise and a W3EDP fed with a 4:1 BalUn.
Just a few more ideas to keep the pot boiling.
Blessings all
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